Unlocking a World of Resources by Revolutionizing Fireproofing in Trinidad & Tobago Conference – Hilton, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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Trinidad and Tobago has and continues to pursue the adoption of a comprehensive building code. A local Code committee has been established, comprising of individuals from various sectors of the construction industry including Architects, Engineers, members of the Ministry of Works, Fire Services and more. We know that Fire safety is paramount in any building code and certainly in the International Building Code (IBC), where an entire section is dedicated to that alone.

We estimate that only 30% to 40% of buildings in Trinidad and Tobago even address Fire Safety much less comply with the code requirements for Passive or Active Fire Protection. This is a Life Safety issue!

On the 11th of November,2014, Alltrin Limited in collaboration with The International Code Council (ICC), Isolatek International and The Carboline Company  hosted The 2014 WORLD TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR | Unlocking a World of Resources by Revolutionizing Fireproofing in Trinidad & Tobago. This initiative was taken in support and perusal of the adoption of a much needed Building Code.

The following topics were covered


  • Benefits of the IBC
  • Sections & Details of the IBC
  • How to Navigate the Code
  • Impact on Safety, Quality & Costs


  • UL Testing
  • Behavior of Structural Steel in a Fire
  • Product Type & Selection
  • IBC Requirements in Relation to Passive Fireproofing
  • Case Studies


  • Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRM)
  • Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM)
  • Total Passive Fire Protection
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Educating the Client

The seminar was a resounding success and was attended by all factions of the construction sector. The topics and discussion helped bring significant information to the sector and continues to resonate amongst the professionals tasked with design, compliance, approvals and implementation.

We at Alltrin Ltd continue to pursue and support the adoption of a Comprehensive building code by continuing to work with our customers, the designers, specifiers as well as all the associated stakeholders.

Lookout for more Alltrin Limited initiatives in support of adopting and implementing a Trinidad and Tobago Building Code.